Meet Siobhán

"You must be the change you want to see in the world"

Mahatma Gandhi

"Arouse Your Inner Goddess"

Namaste !

First of all thank you for visiting my website.  I really hope you find something to help you here today. My website is relatively new so it is not jam packed with content just yet, but it will be so keep an eye on it. (Jan2021)

I started out on this journey of starting my own business over a year ago. In my head I knew exactly what I wanted to do but it was a bit of struggle to  turn it into a reality, I am delighted to say it is all starting to come together. I still hold down a 9-5 job as an Office Manager which I've been doing for 9 years now, I do enjoy it but I have always had a bigger dream for myself. That dream was to set up and run my own business.

When I embarked on my path to make that reality I thought the best idea was to offer my services as a Virtual Assistant, after all I've had years of experience with office work it seemed the logical thing to do. That idea has never taken off as much as I wanted it to, mostly because even though it made sense it wasn't what I truly wanted to do. something just kept niggling at me to keep tweaking my business to create my dream.

I have always had this little voice inside me telling me I was sent here for a reason, it's often hard to decipher between ego and spirit but as this little voice has never gone away I now believe it to be true. It was my introduction to Reiki that opened open this world to me, after receiving a message from a Spiritual Physic ( I don't expect everyone to believe in these) I myself was sceptical at first but she gave me information no one could have known. It was her that suggested Reiki to me the first time it was for me to find a practitioner and receive healing myself. The changes that followed that were amazing, it wasn't long after a bad relationship, the last in a long line I might add. After that my life genuinely started to improve I was thinking and feeling more positive than I ever had in my life before and it felt good. by finally seeing good things coming  to me it encouraged me to keep going. I returned to the Physic again and this time she advised me that I should look into becoming a practitioner myself and that if I did, I had the power to be a very powerful healer. So I did and I have been attuned to Level 2  both Usui and Tera-Mai Reiki, that was the beginning of my Holistic experience since then I have taken various courses, read lots of books and I am constantly finding something new to teach myself.

I am here to share these teachings and experiences with you. I want to help you grow as I have and experience the best of yourself and that life has to offer. If your interested pop over and book your free consultation and lets see how we can help each other, by helping you I gain more experience to pass on to my next client. We learn something new everyday, is today the day you reward yourself with some new lessons!

When you encourage others, you in the process are being encouraged because you’re making a commitment to that person’s life.

Encouragement really does make a difference

Zig Ziglar