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Skilled Administrative Support Professional with 10 Years' Experience

Hi there!!

I'm Siobhán. I am a freelance Virtual Assistant, wife to Seamus and currently mother to my two fur babies Prince and Max.

I choose to become a Virtual Assistant and Life & Well-being Coach because I have a passion for helping people and businesses grow and succeed. With my business clients I provide organisation and time saving by taking care of their day to day tasks, allowing them the freedom to put their time and effort elsewhere.

With my personal client's I provide support and training to help them move past areas of their life that to date hasn't panned out they way they dream of. Working together we create and achieve their goals.

I work with many different types of business in a variety of industries mainly small business, sole traders and entrepreneurs. the services I provide depend on the needs of my clients from something as simple as drafting a document to bookkeeping, and design.

Organized and Efficient

Siobhan has helped me so much in my business. When i set up my business as a sole trader I was overwhelmed by the day to day admin tasks that needed to be done. Everything was piling up, Siobhan came in and within a few days had everything organised and created an easy to manage system set up for me. She is always on the other end of the phone when I run it to bother with something, she's a real asset to me

Mary L.


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If you're struggling with any task or section of your business/personal life or if you would just like to connect with me you can do so over on my Social Media or just Click the link below