A Lithophane is a 3D representation of a photo that can only be seen when illuminated from behind. All Lithophanes are custom made to order. With the option for curved print or straight.


You will be amazed seeing your picture come to life when illuminated.


You can upload image below or contact us on Social media or E-Mail.

Custom Lithophane Photo Print

SKU: 364215376135191
  • For best result we recommonend high quality images.

    Orders can take up to 5 days from order being placed plus delivery time if applicable.

    As this is 3D printed product small layer lines are visible.

    The buyer accepts responsibilty for images supplied.

    Copyrighted images will not be accepted.

    This item is for decortivite purposes only.

    Do not use an open flame as lgiht source for Safety Reasons.

    Not suitable for children, this product is not  atoy.

    Image used is for reference only.

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