Full Moon Ritual November 2020

The Full Moon in Gemini for November 2020 starts in GMT at 9:30am. This Full Moon is also a Partial Lunar Eclipse, usually a Lunar eclipse signal big endings and beginnings and usher in change. As this is a partial eclipse its effects wont be as strong but there will still be a boost in effects especially for Gemini and Sagittarius star signs.

Traditionally, lunar eclipses aren’t the best time to set intentions or perform release ceremonies, to travel, make new commitments, sign contracts or start brand new projects. Instead focus on you and projects you are already committed to.

The the power of this moon is turned inward toward your personal spiritual change, not focused outward this lunar eclipse is the opposite of our usual Full Moon Rituals it is for releasing patterns which have been in your preventing you living the life you love, and kept you from being your healthiest self.

The Ritual

You will need

  • Cleansing Tool ( I use White Sage Smudge Stick or Incense)

  • Mediation Music/Guided Mediation I have included link for one I will you you can use one that resonates best with you (Full Moon Meditation | November 30, 2020 - YouTube)

  • Notebook/Paper

  • Favourite Crystals

  • Glass of water ( I am always thirsty after a cleanse)

  • A Sweet treat

  • A blanket or pillow so you can be comfortable

  • Oracle/Tarot Cards

You can do this indoors or outdoors depending on weather. I am hoping to go outside for mine and do it under the light of the moon.

First put on your favourite song and dance to it just to get the blood flowing. When you are ready light your incense and swirl it all around yourself from head to toe to cleanse your aura. Remember to say your cleansing prayer or you can use this one

" Cleansing power of the energy of the Full Moon, enhance the positive energy in my life

and fill my days with energy, joy & laughter.

Cleansing power of the energy of the Full Moon, open my home to positive energy

and let it be a safe haven from the world.

Cleansing power of the energy of the full moon, bring the presence of Spirit in to my life

to guide me on my journey as I full fill my life purpose.

Cleansing power of the energy of the full moon, accept my appreciation and gratitude for all that is good in my life.

And so it is"

Next cleanse your surroundings (if outside you can cleanse your house when you go inside).

"I open this space to divine love, may all the energy that flows through here benefit the heart space. May it hold compassion, nurturance, forgiveness, and truth.

I command any negativity, any low vibrational energy, and nonbenevolent beings within this space to leave and go to the light. You are not welcome here. I command you to leave and go to the light."

Now get comfortable and do your mediation. After my mediation I will also be performing Reiki session on my chakras. If you would like me to send you distance Reiki during this time send me a message here. (I will be starting my ritual around 9:30pm GMT so send any messages before 9:00p;m to make sure I get them)

After your meditation/reiki write down anything that came up for you.

Next write something from your life you want closure on. When you have finished place your hand on your heart the other on what you have just written and say. If you have cards pick one now for your to represent closure.

"I ask the Universe, my angels, my spirit guides and all that are here present to help me to find closure from (insert here). I now know this situation is leaving my energy zones, leaving my thoughts, leaving my physical space, and returning to the universe to be transformed. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

Now write down exactly how you feel in this very moment. Again put your hand on your heart and the other on the paper and say. If you have cards pick one now for your to represent the present.

" I acknowledge how I feel at this very moment and I promise to fully love myself, honour myself, and cherish myself no matter what is happening in this moment. I love you. I love you I love you”

Lastly write down advice to your past and future self. Again place your hand on your heart and on the paper and say. If you have cards pick one now for your to represent advise.

"Dear Universe, I know you’re always working on my behalf and I want you to know you are welcome in my life. I love you and I am grateful for you. Please allow me to become aware and understand all of the ways you’re communicating with me so I can consciously work alongside you.

Take your 3 cards and use your intuition or the book to receive the messages the have for you. Give thanks to the universe for these extra messages.

"Thank you, Universe, for helping me to easily keep my thoughts, words, emotions, and actions in alignment with what I really, really want".

Take Your crystals in one hand and your treat in the other holding both hands together charge your treat it up with loving and grateful energy. Now eat your treat really notice and taste the sweetness. This symbolizes the sweetness of life entering your body.

To finish your ritual you can burn the paper if you wish or put it away somewhere safe. Drink your glass of water while sitting in the Moon Light just be still and breathe in the magical rays that are shining down on you.