Design & Administration Services


Providing Advice & Support Services to Sole Traders, Self-Employed,Freelance Professionals, Small to Medium size businesses online.

I offer flexible simple solutions to suit your needs.


  • Are you are a sole trader who needs to focus your time into sales, or developing your company further?

  • Are you are a freelancer who needs to focus on the service you provide and requires someone to look after the administration areas of your business?

  • Do you have a staff member on holiday or sick leave and you need someone to cover their work, but don't have time to recruit or train somebody?

  • Are you a new or existing small business with a tight budget looking for a website created, flyers, business cards designed?

I can provide these services to you professionally, helping to avoid the cost of hiring new staff or purchase new equipment. You only pay for my time and experience. 



Family and friends are important. Outsourcing time consuming tasks, will give you more time for the important things in life


Only pay for the time you use. I use time keeping software to track your tasks.

You DON'T have to pay Wages, Taxes, Holiday or Sick Pay.


In a standard day the average office worker does less than 3 hours productive work.

Why pay an employee to surf the net or to do

non-work related tasks?

Without the distractions of an office environment, I am able to focus and dedicate my time to getting tasks done.


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